What We Do
At Affordable Business Coaching, our focus is to provide technical and business systems solutions that drive performance. Our processes are designed to put the proper technology in line with your business processes. We listen to what you need and want, and work with you to eliminate waste. Our focus is to make sure that your plans, long and short-term, are able to be met and exceeded. We will assist in providing a step by step checklist that will allow your organization to grow as you want it to.
Our goal is simple: to make sure that you are using your PEOPLE to perform the proper PROCESS all while using the right TECHNOLOGY.
Your success is there waiting for you.
Gather the
INFORMATION so you can
Act on the
KNOWLEDGE you now have available
How Do We Do IT?
We listen. Too many times there is a rush to make a change or add technology that really is not required.
Information Technology Strategy Assessment and Creation
It is important that your business has an IT Strategy. This does NOT need to be a huge document with a plan to use the latest and greatest computers. No, this is a simple to understand and follow checklist that puts your required “systems” in line with your business plans.
What is the right strategy for your company? Call ABC and let’s find out what technology will work for you.
Technology Systems Assessment
At ABC we look at what you need to get the information that you need to successfully run your business. We will inventory your current assets and provide a recommendation on the changes you may need.
Staff Assessment
We want you to know that you have the RIGHT people that are ready to use the technology that is or will be deployed. Our surveys, and on-site “one- on- one” interviews, will help you and your team to prepare to execute you business strategy, with the proper and effective use of your systems and technology assets.
Business Process Review
Our process starts with your PROCESSES. We watch and learn what is being done and then we assist your team in developing and enhancing these processes so that they are working with your technology. We can suggest tools and automation, if needed to help streamline your processes, helping to lower cost and increase your bottom line.
Please call 216-469-6086 or send us an email at
scott@abctechs.net to setup your initial no cost or obligation meeting.
If there are any questions or comments, please call or send an email.