CIO On-Demand
Face it, most organizations do not need a full time CIO. Quite frankly, what is a CIO?
The team at ABC understands this difficult position and is ready to provide those services that your organization needs ONLY when you need them. A CIO needs to have the understanding of technology but also a keen sense of the business and that is what we have. Our processes that align your people, process and technology to provide the insight we use to help you better manage your business. We will COACH your management team on the tools and techniques required to drive efficiency.
Your On-Demand CIO provides senior level leadership and guidance focused on the basic principles of the right people, right process and right technology that are working to execute your business plans. You get the experience, knowledge and leadership without the cost. The On-Demand CIO is available only when you need the service. We offer a fixed monthly rate for a defined number of hours or you can use this service on an as needed request. Please call us to see how we can help you make your systems work for you.
Remember, it is just
DATA until you see it, and then it is INFORMATION. When you use it, you now have KNOWLEDGE.

Please call 216-469-6086 or send us an email at to setup your initial no cost or obligation meeting.
If there are any questions or comments, please call or send an email.